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    Shipping & Returns

    We provide all orders shipped worldwide over the world.
    Upon receipt of your payment, your order is usually dispatched within 12~48 hours. We will provide your order parcels force - international express mail (online tracking). Delivery generally require 7-10 business days to arrive.

    We need to provide us with detailed shipping address to us. Please note that the address you provide must be accurate, detailed, otherwise we are not responsible for the failure of transport. After that, all packages need to be signed, you will receive your package. Mail post office is not allowed. Remember, when you get your package signatures.
    By tracking your order problem?
    If you happen to be in the process of tracking your order have any questions or problems, please feel free to our online chat online help contact us email. Thank you for your cooperation!
    If you want to return or exchange items, please contact us in advance instructions.
    If you want your articles, please notify us first explain why the order and number to receive your refund within 7 days. Your feedback is very important to us. Any project must be complete and returned in original packaging. All packages must be traceable through the methods to send. We are not responsible for lost packets in transit. Please note that you will not refund the original shipping costs. So please order before the answers to all your questions and concerns with us.

    The project must be returned within seven days, all the reasons for the changes in the process the customer is responsible for all shipping costs. All items can only exchange the same price replacement, please note will be issued later be received before your earnings have been replaced.

    Cancel the order If you have placed an order and wish to cancel, please contact our customer service representative as soon as possible. However, if your order has been sent, we have no way to cancel.

    Solve your problem If you have any questions, please contact us. We will process your request or complaint, respond as soon as possible.